Be9Media has been paying people $50 a month to rent their Facebook Ads accounts.

People across Singapore have been passively earning $50 a month from an Australian marketing firm, Be9Media.

Be9Media, a marketing company established in Melbourne last year, specialises in helping small businesses conduct market research. They have since started branching their operations out to Singapore recently.

“In order to collect marketing data from multiple industries, we rent the advertising part of people’s Facebook accounts,” says senior executive, Jennifer Lim.

“Basically, we give them instructions to follow which will allow us to create an advertising account which we use to conduct our research.”

The marketing activities take place behind the scenes and don’t affect your usage of Facebook. This is because your Facebook personal account is considered separate from your Facebook advertising account.

“Many people worry that they will post things under their name but that is not the case,” explains Jennifer, “we create Pages and operate entirely under that entity. Furthermore, we do not ask for your login password and because of that, will not have access to your personal information.”

Once set up, Be9Media operates through Facebook “Fan Pages”, posting various articles and images in order to collect audience response data.

NUS student, Ellen Ng signed up for the program earlier this year in April and has made $300 since joining the program.

Ellen Ng has been earning $50 a month since April this year.

“It’s been pretty sweet, once I did the initial setup which only took about 10 minutes, that was it! They paid me once they checked it all and they’ve been paying me on the first of every month ever since!”

So who can sign up?

Be9Media only accepts new members on an invite-only basis or via referral from existing members.

However, they have opened their doors to new member registrations from Singapore until the end of this month. Until then, Singaporeans may be eligible to sign up through their registration link.

>>Sign up for Be9Media’s Facebook Rental Program Here

Once the registration period has ended Be9Media plans to return to an invite-only or member referral registration model.